Antibody Libraries

At Specifica we specialize in the creation of exceptional Antibody Libraries, using cutting edge next generation sequencing (NGS) for quality control at all steps of construction and validation. By counting the number of different antibodies in each Specifica library we ensure our high diversity standards.

Libraries with high guaranteed diversities mean more antibodies, recognizing more epitopes, with higher affinities, against your targets. Libraries are made with common or variable light chains, as scFv and/or Fab, and in phage and/or yeast display formats.

Exclusively yours

Donors providing lymphocytes to create Specifica naive libraries are only used once, ensuring that each library is unique and exclusive to you. Specifica’s Generation 2 libraries are natural antibody libraries created from the rearranged antibody genes found in natural B lymphocytes, while Generation 3 libraries are based on well-behaved therapeutic scaffolds with quality built in by design, rather than by testing.

In addition to in-house designs, we also collaborate closely with you to create custom libraries in which essential elements are optimized according to your needs, and we can create libraries for you from specific patient or donor populations.

Adoption of the Specifica Platform involves full transfer of our technology, including vectors, comprehensive protocols and your own unique exclusive library. We provide initial training at Specifica, taking you through a selection campaign using our phage and yeast display approach, followed by optional onsite training at your facility.

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