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Monoclonal antibody reagents

Specifica is applying its proven platform for antibody discovery to generate recombinant monoclonal antibody reagents. Our in vitro display approach eliminates the need for immunization, addressing animal welfare concerns and insufficient quantities of antigen. Delivery of recombinant sequences ensures higher specificity and reproducibility than animal-based methods, as well as the ability to easily engineer these reagents.

Tool Reagents to Validate your Discovery Research

Antibodies to expedite your basic sciences research programs

  • Including ELISA, WB, IHC, IP and other assays

Highest-quality recombinant in vitro antibodies

Nearly all antigen types

Developed from our library of more than 1010 transformants

Phage and yeast display selections from our libraries of scFv and VHH delivers faster antibodies than immunization

Guaranteed delivery of multiple antibodies with desired binding specificity

Reliable and reproducible for efficient transition to the next phase of research

Ability to efficiently re-engineer for versatility

Deliverables include purified protein and antibody sequences

Anti-Idiotypes (anti-Ids) for Drug Discovery

  • Highest-quality recombinant antibodies using Specifica’s proven platform for antibody discovery
    • Fully engineerable – species-specific Fc, isotype and subclass, etc.
  • Ideal for capture and/or detection reagents in PK/PD and ADA assays
  • Specificity unmatched by immunization or hybridomas
  • Highly reproducible for efficient transition to the next phase of research
  • Scalable solutions enable rapid production when desired
  • Consistent performance lot-to-lot, removing the ‘guess work’ of immunization approaches
  • Deliverables include purified protein and antibody sequences

Our Process

Specifica’s team brings a depth of knowledge and a primary focus on generating antibodies.

Choose a leading provider of antibody drug discovery to identify and validate your drug target.


Quality control of the antigen

1 Week

Rounds of phage/yeast display

1-3 Weeks

NGS-based identification of leads

2 Weeks

Ab production and purification

3 Weeks

QC and delivery

1 Week

Your Deliverables

The antibody sequence for future needs

Sequence also retained at Specifica

Ready-to-use custom antibody reagents

Either bulk or aliquots of purified antibody


  • Sequence data makes the antibodies reproducible whenever needed
  • More humane than animal studies, which require ongoing euthanasia of host animals 1,2
  • Fully recombinant antibodies that can be engineered for species-specific Fc, isotype and subclass requirements, facilitating easier method development and secondary reagent selection
  • Higher specificity than polyclonal reagents and no lot-to-lot variation
  • Turnaround time of weeks, versus months for animal
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