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Our Facility

Specifica’s new headquarters were completed in June 2021 and are located in the centre of the vibrant Railyard district of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our laboratories were specifically designed to optimize our workflows, and are outfitted with state-of-the-art instrumentation, equipment and safeguards. Our new facility has greatly expanded our capacity to develop, build and deliver our antibody library platforms as well as provide our discovery and optimization services, all with the highest level of quality and punctuality.

A thoroughly modern design, the work spaces link together to create a harmonious and flowing environment, full of natural light, views of the mountains and the Railyard Farmer’s Market.

Our Labs

Specifica’s new laboratories were custom designed by our science and architect teams. The overiding objective was to design workspaces that align with our mission to successfully transfer our antibody discovery technology to the worlds many creative immunotherapeutic scientists and companies.

The basic layout was harmonized to fit our unique purposes and various work streams, arranged in series to optimize our antibody library and engineering projects, including library generation and validation, antibody discovery and optimization services, and our extensive R&D focus.

Our laboratory workstations are project-dedicated and self-sufficient, and include stainless steel surfaces a UV irradiation system and room dedicated HVAC systems to ensure a sterile environment free of cross contamination.

A Look Inside Specifica's Laboratories

In this brief tour of Specifica’s custom, state of the art laboratories, Sara D’Angelo, Specifica’s CTO, explains the rationale and thinking behind the laboratory design, optimized for all aspects of Specifica’s antibody library production and discovery workflow.

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