Antibody Discovery

When we undertake an antibody discovery campaign for you, our goal is to generate as many different target-specific antibodies fulfilling your requirements as possible.

Using three powerful coordinating technologies, we first carry out selections from our Generation 3 phage display libraries to obtain an initial pool of antibody leads with maximum diversity. We then use yeast display to narrow this down to a diverse, high affinity fully binding population. Finally, we evaluate selection outputs with next generation sequencing.

Antibody Clonotyping

The sequences obtained by NGS are analyzed by machine learning to group antibodies into different clonotypes expected to bind the same epitope. Our selected antibodies have high affinities, inherently developable biophysical properties and broad diversity, making your transition from lead to drug that much faster.

The final product can be a panel of antibodies in any format, or an extensive list of different antibody clonotype sequences you can make and test in house.

Affinity Maturation

Specifica uses a number of different diversification approaches for affinity maturation including light chain shuffling, error prone PCR and targeted CDR mutations prior to selecting higher affinity antibody variants by yeast display, with affinity improvement between 5 and 1000 fold.

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