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Exclusive Antibody Libraries

We believe it is important you fish in your own antibody “pond” when selecting therapeutic leads in order to avoid the possibility of inadvertently developing an antibody already selected by a competitor. The dangers of fishing in the same pond are briefly outlined in a tale of two patents.

In 1997 and 2003, well before the days of next generation sequencing, Genentech and Human Genome Sciences filed patents on identical antibodies against the same target selected from the same natural phage antibody library. An interference was decided in favor of Genentech that filed earlier. The widespread use of next generation sequencing has only exacerbated this problem.

Exclusively yours

Each library Specifica provides to its partners is exclusive to that partner, created from unique donor sets not used for any other library. Each library is constructed de novo.

For Generation 2 Libraries, the unique donor sets provide the rearranged variable genes, while for Generation 3 Libraries, each comprises a unique reassembly of naturally replicated CDRs, combined with at least 100 million unique HCDR3s derived from a unique donor pool, only used once, guaranteeing each supplied Generation 3 Library Platform is one of a kind.

Exploiting your exclusive diversity to the fullest

When we make an exclusive library for you, we use a unique donor set to supply the HCDR3s. These donors are never used to build libraries for other partners. In addition to your original antibody format, Specifica can build you new format libraries with the same diversity. scFv, scFv-fixed VL, Fab, Fab-fixed VL and VHH are presently available, but Specifica is working to generate innovative new libraries with different formats and functionalities.

We retain your diversity and can use it to build new libraries to expand your antibody discovery efforts, now or in the future.

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