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Custom, or In-House, Library Designs

Business Philosophy

We are a team of highly collaborative, creative, hard-working professionals ready to enable your discovery needs with our cutting-edge platform technology and expertise. Antibodies selected directly from our libraries have high affinities and developability properties, as good as, or better, than the best clinical antibodies on the market, saving you time and money during development. On the business side, we offer straightforward transactional terms, largely eliminating the downstream financial exposure typical for third-party antibody discovery platforms and services.

Specifica enables its partners with an integrated, state-of-the-art, antibody discovery technology platform, including libraries, vectors and protocols, computational tools, and on-site training. 
Our libraries are provided as an exclusive asset, so that the antibody diversity is yours alone to mine, rather than as a common library shared with other companies. In addition to our in-house designs, Specifica can collaborate with you to create custom libraries optimized to your needs, including scaffolds, tags, vectors or excluded/included liabilities. And, when you need more hands, let us conduct discovery and engineering campaigns at Specifica using your exclusive library.
With visionary antibody technologies and deal structures to match, we are focused on empowering you to generate antibody drugs against any target, to create cures for any disease.

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