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Antibody Libraries

Antibody Libraries are the sources from which antibodies can be selected using phage or yeast display. Specifica creates antibody libraries in single chain Fv or Fab formats, in phage or yeast display platforms, and based on natural or synthetic sources. In addition to in-house designs, Specifica also collaborates closely with customers to create custom libraries in which essential elements are optimized according to customer needs.

Specifica's natural in house libraries are created from the rearranged antibody genes found in natural B lymphocytes. Specifica uses LeukoPaks as its source material, creating libraries derived from at least 500 million B cells, and ten donors. Advanced synthetic libraries are created using man-made DNA to encode all the antibody binding loops, except the HCDR3, the most diverse of all, which is derived from natural donors, ensuring that each library is different and exclusive. Next generation sequencing and sophisticated bioinformatic analysis is used extensively throughout the construction process to ensure the highest quality. Built-in to Specifica's libraries is a unique in vivo recombination technology which generates maximum diversity from all possible heavy and light chain variable region combinations. This results in phage antibody libraries far more diverse than libraries in which heavy and light chain pairing is inherently limited by cloning, and selected antibodies with higher affinities.