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Company overview

Specifica provides cutting-edge antibody display libraries, antibody discovery, affinity maturation, and a suite of molecular biology and bioinformatic tools designed to offer a comprehensive, end-to-end antibody discovery platform. All under simple transactional business terms that exclude royalty obligations.


A collaborative partner in enabling your antibody discovery program, Specifica can optimize your current in-house discovery capabilities, or build an in-house antibody discovery program from scratch. Specifica is focused on applying or transferring its premier antibody discovery technologies to your organization. 


We are highly collaborative, imaginative, creative, hard-working, and ready to customize our platform and technologies to meet your particular needs. With over a century of expertise in antibody engineering and development, phage and yeast display, deep sequencing, and computational immunology, our team stands ready to provide your company with well validated, innovative and cost-effective antibody solutions.