Andrew Bradbury

Andrew Bradbury is one of our founders, a member of our Board of Directors, and serves as our Chief Scientific Officer.  Andrew has 30 years of experience in the field of recombinant antibodies and display technologies. Throughout his career, he has developed and employed novel technologies, including the use of lox recombination to dramatically increase antibody library diversity. Andrew is a vocal proponent for the use of sequenced recombinant antibodies in research to improve reproducibility.  He has frequently served as an expert witness in antibody patent cases involving some of the world’s best selling antibody drugs.  Andrew has published over 130 peer-reviewed papers and is the inventor on numerous patents and patent applications.  Andrew holds a PhD from Cambridge University, where he studied under Nobel Laureate Cesar Milstein, the inventor of monoclonal antibodies, and also holds an MB BS (medical degree) from the University of London as well as a BA and MA from Oxford University.

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